Mailing lists differ from Newsgroups mainly in that they can be closed groups with restricted readerships. eg, women-only. The disadvantage of mailing lists is that they deliver straight into your mailbox which may become tiresome if the volume (number of messages) is large every day.

Always read the list for a few days first to get a 'feel' for its style & content, and also read the FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions for the list if there is one.

As with newsgroups, some mailing lists are archived by search engines which means that the list contents can be searched by anyone. Most lists also have public readership lists - if you are worried about the world knowing that you subscribe to a particular list, check the lists' policy on making the readership list available to people who aren't on the list. You may be interested in a free mail account from

Top mailing list search/information sites include Liszt, List of Lists and Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists. There are tens of thousands of mailing lists - many of them local to a particular region (eg, a particular department of a university).

Lists of relevant mailing lists are also maintained at The Bisexual Option and the Bisexual Resource Centre.

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