Mission Statement:

To give support, connection and community to survivors of Rape.

Healing and development of self is paramount.

This is the website for AscendingMoon Internet mailing list.

AscendingMoon mailing list is for Female Survivors of Rape.
If you are a male survivor of Rape please contact the list administrator,
they will try to put you in contact with other male survivors.

List Administrator

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Page two: Introduction to AscendingMoon
Page three: Fact Page on Rape

These are some topics we are currently discussing on AscendingMoon:

Grief over what we lost
Ways to help us gain strength to believe there is a tomorrow
Dealing with those damned perps!
Dealing with insensitive people who don't care what we are going through
Safety issues
Learning to Trust
Dealing with family, husbands, children, work or church
Police officers
Dark places
Any place or situation that reminds us of the r.
Legal System
Incompetents in general (doctors, lawyers, therapists etc.)
Honesty with ourselves
Honesty with others
Opening up
Recognizing stressors
Dealing with stressors
Life vs. Death
Sort of "to be or not to be" things
Learning empowerment
How to recognize that we do have choices we can make
Examining ways to make our voices heard
Dealing with Significant Others or Partners

This page dedicated as a memorial to a friend of AscendingMoon
We lost a friend in the last week of February 1998. Beth though not a member of AscendingMoon was a friend and supporter to us. She lived her life giving and generous to many. She was a fine mother and truly devoted sister. We do not lose her friendship and love now that she is gone, but live and learn from it for all eternity.
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