Newsgroups are publicly readable by everyone, and most are publically writable, although some groups (eg, soc.women.lesbian-and-bi) are moderated which means that postings are passed through a human to check for suitability before going out to the whole world.

Before posting to newsgroups it's important to check that you are not asking a question that has been asked a million times before or otherwise breaking a sacred ruletm that everyone else in that group lives by.

Always read the group for a couple of days first to get a 'feel' for its style & content, and also read the FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions for the group if there is one - it may well have all the information you're looking for. Remember that hundreds of thousands of people may read your posting - how foolish do you want to look?

Lists of relevant newsgroups are also maintained at The Bisexual Option and the Bisexual Resource Centre.

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Since late-1995 old newsgroup postings are being archived by a number of organisations and sophisticated searching can be performed on these archives. Try doing an author profile search using DejaNews and you'll see what I mean - a copy of every article posted to any newsgroups by a given author in the last 6 months.

If you're worried about friends/family/employers checking up on you, then getting an anonymous email account may be a worth looking into - or even a free mail account from!