Welcome to the BiW-MP@bi.org mailing list

Why BIW-MP was set up:

This is a list for bi women in relationships with men to discuss any particular issues which relate to these relationships - not in terms of 'He did this or that' but covering more general issues like relationships with the lesbian community, contradictions in being a feminist dyke in love with a man, and handling one's desires for women whilst maintaining a relationship with the male partner.

What we discuss on BIW-MP:

There is no form of moderation or control of *content* - but beware, commercial ads, personal ads, or biphobic/homophobic statements will result in the offender being removed from the list. Equally, whilst discussions are inevitably spread over a range of topics, subscribers are asked to remember the specific purpose of this list (support and discussion for OS-partnered bi women) : those who want to discuss bisexuality in general may be better off subscribing to a generalised list such as BIFEM-L.

The list is for all sorts of bi women in all sorts of opposite-sex relationships to share experiences, information and have a good laugh. Participants are asked to respect others' ways of expressing their bisexuality and to avoid representing their own constructions (e.g. multiple relationships) as 'the norm' or 'what true bisexuals do'.

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